blunt (adj).

d6fcd8bae70654a52a0064e03e217a0fI love you, and I want to love you more, and always. Do you love me?

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satiate (v).

9fc6aab75a13b54c417f04a97ada2da9Here is what I want: not lavish things. I want to quit meeting dreams with a heavy sigh and all of this pausing, and I want to build, I want to play, I want to try.  I want a full heart and a tired body from working hard each day. I want swelling passion and blazing adventure. All I want is all that I can get, all and everything, all the beauty and freedom and sweet singing into open skies.

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cranial (adj).

9949f17b5f5f6094dba87cffd65ff20bYou’re in my head: heavy, hurried, humming, hazy, all like a summer day, and after the sun goes down, I can still feel its silky seeping into my skin. I’m as dizzy as if you’re champagne, and I had the whole bottle; you’re in my head, I’ve sipped you up.

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cbc searchlight competition.

It’s been a busy behind-the-scenes month for us in Fitness Club Fiasco – independent of the band, Mike, Matt and I have been finishing up another semester at school, Jess Underdown took off to Singapore for vacation, and Cam added an insurmountable list of items to his Aquired-On-Kijiji collection. In between all of that our new single Hades is getting polished up and ready to release, we are booking shows for late spring, we have some new thank-you songs being written (you can hear our previous Thank-You Sessions here: Marisol, Legoland, No Words For YouJanette and Homer, Matt Legg-Bagg), and our single Goldmine is being played on Mix 106.5 in Owen Sound, Ontario, for the next few weeks. So exciting!

Some other exciting news: we are currently in the semi-finals of CBC Music’s Searchlight Competition. We’re in the running to win $20,000 worth of music equipment from Yamaha Canada Music, a professional recording with CBC Music, and a spot on the bill with Tegan and Sara, and Spoon at the Festival in Vancouver. We are thrilled to have made it to the semi-finals, especially in the Toronto region. It’s one of those pesky vote-every-day contests, and we have been so blown away with our dear friends being good sports about the whole thing (and my parents’ daily posts about the whole thing). If you’d like to hear our single “Goldmine” and take a look at our Searchlight page, you can find it here. This stage of voting is open until this Sunday, April 13th. 

Just another round of serious thank-yous to our friends and supporters who have been really cheering us on this year, investing in our music, attending our shows over and over (especially when there has been insane weather this winter!), being patient as we work hard to get stuff out to you, and just being objectively awesome.


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