relinquish (v).

cc82aaf5a358474a550c70d8989f466bI had a dream that I was walking with you and your new love. I noticed the slow stroll of your walking - no hurried steps. I noticed how peaceful it felt. I told her what calm she brought to you. We went down to the water and were crossing the channel on the ferry, and we leaned over the railing to see the wake chasing itself. I asked you if you were happy, and then I woke up. But I have a feeling the answer is a resounding yes.

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abba (n).

8cf6af7db90c9178eb6e3ef5702cd218I am trying to unlearn, and then re-learn you
Me with my finite body and tiny mind, I have tried
to define you, and in that, confine you
to a god that serves and acts, instead of a God that is.

I am trying to unlearn, and then re-learn you
Your words less a binding law and more a poem
Your house less a building and more an ocean
Your mood less frantic and more playful.

I am trying to unlearn, and then re-learn you
Me with my limited scope and spectrum, I have tried
to trick you with my questions until I realized
My stubborn (and foolish) doubt is not troubling to you.

I am trying to unlearn, and then re-learn you
Now that I see you do not keep to your hallowed chambers
Now that I see you are not concerned with our shaking, dirty hands
Now that I see you kissing our foreheads each night as we sleep.

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I snuck home to BC for a little visit last week to soak up the scenery and get hugs from so many sweet and dear people. Man that coast has my heart.

Thanks, BC, for your stunning views, your soft breezes, your quiet shores and your lovely people.

fond (adj).

e320179842f5bf3f22b918b8e68c382dThese are the sweet things I hold near: how you danced when you put your coat on. When you burnt four batches of scrambled eggs in a row [each slam of the trash can lid louder, matching the bubbling of my laughter]. Standing in line for coffees across the street. You always walked me to the bus. Your socks, uneven heights, half way up your calf or bunched around your ankle. And in the summer, we slept on the floor of an empty apartment, not a single piece of furniture or food, just a single sleeve of bagels.

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snippet (n).

65e26458fe605d9563b0e88a90ada4e6You were playing me a record, I was waiting for the corn to roast. You were telling me secrets, I was sitting cross-legged on the floor. You watched me leave the room, I caught you from the corner of my eye. You were running your thumb across my shoulder, I was dizzy from the brand new summer, my heart in full bloom.

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audience (n).

d3f7f4d14038fbf08b6fb9e373e38326A brief lesson in considering your platform:

When I was in kindergarten, there was a traveling theatre group that performed at my school, and the production starred a family of trolls. They had giant, papier-mache’d heads and screechy yelping voices,worse than a children’s show on daytime TV because they had to perform in an elementary school gymnasium. The opening scene was a child going to bed and, once the house was quiet, the trolls popped their heads out from behind the shower curtain before running around wildly, knocking over lamps and tables. There was a moral by the end of it. It was not communicated. What was communicated was that I should¬†check the bathtub each time I used the facilities for pretty much all of my childhood lest I need to run for my life with my pants around my ankles.


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