chromatic (adj).

c546a523b3254e609c6bc722738d41b7If we were all colors, I wonder which one I’d be. I’d hate to be opaque, with no chance of anything going through me, or any sort of inky blue (as nice as it looks on a wall), leaving smudgy marks on everyone, like the smudge on the outer side of my left hand when I write letters. I don’t think I am anywhere close to Red; I am far too pensive and hesitant. I am closer to water, but not like rain; I am too soft for the ocean and too much a tempest to be a still lake. I’d like to be colorful enough to leave something, like a glimmer, but not fussy like a diamond. If someday I could be the color of a spark, which is embodied in the start of a little mischief, and also when standing on cliffs and hills and mountains; that switch in my stomach when you step on a plane, and the gleam of the sun on the bedroom wall to hint at the morning, and the way it burns just before peaking back over the horizon for the night; the flicker in your eye when you see something lovely; to be a spark would be enough for me.

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3 thoughts on “chromatic (adj).

  1. hakariconstant says:

    Beautiful prose Jess. Wear a mood ring, and you’ll see all the colors you are and can be :) People are too complicated to have their lives be defined by any single color, most of the time. I feel the majority of mine can be described by 21 shades of blue though, but that’s just me.

  2. The Fountain says:

    There are scientists who believe that we are made in the heart, in the heart of our body cells, not from solid matter, but from light. So light was the stuff of which we humans and our world is made​​. If this were so, we would therefore made ​​of all colors at the same time, because this is the innermost truth every ray of sunshine.

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